A Swiss Cardano Stake Pool

Pool metas

  • Ticker: CHADA
  • Pledge: 10k
  • Total Stake: 100k
  • Pool margin: 3%
  • Cost per epoch: 340 ADA
  • PoolID: bccf5ce0d9b3436cd1616686c98f4584b43760704c9585f1f208ffae

Pool structure

CHADA is a Cardano Stakepool operated by a swiss developper, and fully hosted in Switzerland on high-end servers. They are all 4-cores, 4 Gb of RAM, 64 GB SSD and connected with optical fiber.

The producer node is backed with 2 relays. Everything is on different servers.

This node is here to help the decentralisation of the Cardano network growing and bring rewards to ADA holders.

Pool is fully pleged by this wallet: addr1q8zuu8s39n96te2fpecsjmgaz4dt4dyhg3953xedgkyv5j09yynua5wt5m2l90f7wtnp4sj0av8ace8j26td97y0ajdqhaxert
This means that the pool will always be accepted to create a block.


The benefits will be re-added to the node as pledge, to make it more efficient and attractive. And if it reallly increases, I’ll add more relays and power to the node.

Who am I ?

My name is Malo and I’m a 25 years old guy living in Switzerland. I finished a master degree in computer science and engineering, with a specialisation on networks and security.
I’m now working full time as an Android developper.
Loving code, beers, hike, and of course Cardano.